Thursday, April 19, 2012

Four Years of You

My gorgeous Miss D, two days ago you turned four, I can't believe how fast time is disappearing, how much you grow and change before my eyes. Right now this is you:

You are a real girly girl. All you wanted for your birthday was "A dolls house and lots and lots of Barbies".... we obliged, and you are enthralled.

You can write all the letters of the alphabet, and several words unprompted. You also recognise lots of words by sight, and can tell the time quite well. It amazes me.

Whenever I ask you what you want to wear today, you say automatically "A running shirt and shorts"..... I think you might be a little more than impressed with Mummy's running:)

If I give you a pile of craft stuff to play with you will sit for hours making things, but you prefer my company while doing so.

You are constantly impressed with my sewing, you want me to make everything for you, the other day you called me "A Sewing, Machine", it made me laugh until I had tears.

You swap jokes with your Daddy, you have an amazing sense of humour.

You love dress ups.... "Mummy, I have a moustache and I've come to clean your house!"

You are very sensitive, you get embarrassed easily and your mood swings baffle me.... you remind me a little too much of myself.

You are thrilled to be starting Kindy properly this term "Mummy I get to eat my lunch there like the other kids!" I think you are going to thrive.

You are a small mystery.

You have a kind and beautiful heart. Your sister is your best friend and you constantly watch out for her.... Even if you do sometimes use her face as a blank canvas.

I love you baby girl. x

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