Thursday, September 8, 2011

These Feet Were Made For Running

I've been running regularly as my exercise of choice since I was 13...... that's an almost 17 year love affair with sneakers and fresh air. I remember the first time I ran 2.5km in a row with out stopping and how proud of my self I was after... I even later wrote an english essay about it, I was in year 9.

My relationship with running hasn't always been healthy... I had times where I ran too much, and didn't eat enough. I did have one year in that time where I mixed the running up with a short relationship with the gym.... I went back to running, it was convinient and FREE!

When I became pregnant with Delilah, I stopped running, I was too scared to, so I had 8 months off... and then another 3 months because she was so big (9 pound, 9 ounce) the physio suggested it might not be a great idea to start again any sooner. When I became pregnant with Mackenzie I stopped again then too, I have no idea where the fear of running while pregnant came from, there is no basis for it, anyway, another 8 months off for me and as she was not quite so big (8 pound, 9 ounce) I started up running again when she was 6 weeks... that was actually quite enpowering.

It's pretty safe to say that my attitude to excercise had been pretty relaxed when the girls became part of my life, I often used the excuse of being a mum and not having enough time to excercise to cover up the fact that I just couldn't be bothered. I had forgotten how good it made me feel, when I did go running I'd kind of jog along half heartedly...... but then something funny happened, I walked the City to Bay with my big sister last year, I was quite unwell and had done no training, but none the less we managed it in quite a speedy walking time of 1 hour and 20 mins.... and that was my turning point.

Fast forward one year, and I have lost 10kg and am back running at least five times a week. I only miss out on Tuesdays and Fridays because I work. On the weekend for the last 6 months I have been doing a long run with my best friend, with City to Bay training in mind, two weeks ago we ran 14km, the longest distance I have ever run. On the other days of the week I mix it up with shorter distances, anywhere between 6 km and 3.5 km and I throw hill runs into the mix.

The most amazing result in all of this is how good I feel. Strong and in control, and best of all I have reclaimed precious thinking time, one of the reasons I have always loved running so much, the quiet time to ponder the many things that go on in my head. I can leave the house feeling stressed out and come home blissfully relaxed.

So next week, when I run in the City to Bay, for the first time in almost 10 years, I will be thinking about what a difference a year makes..... and how much of me I have reclaimed in that time:)


  1. the more i know about you, the more awesome you get! can't wait to hear how you go in the city to bay! x

  2. Oh you inspire me. Since I did my first 'run' with the Couch to 5k app on the weekend, I really hope I get to a) love running like you obviously do and b) get to be as good (read run as long!!) as you do .... one day LOL

    Yay on the 10kgs too!