Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Rankeloffice

We are in the final stages of converting our big solid brick shed into a studio... the floor boards are down, the new glass doors and window are in, almost all the gyprock is up on the walls and ceiling.... pretty much just the painting is left to do.

And this is where our small problem lies.... Delilah (3.5 years) has commandeered one of the large wardrobes that will cover a wall, and filled it with all sorts of things.... hers and Mackenzies out door chairs, ted and baby doll can often be found insitu along with many of Luke's tools that sneakily go missing, infact both D and M go missing in there quite often too. When we asked her about it the other day she told us it's her rankeloffice....
I have no idea what this means, but I do suspect that once this room is finished we may have to consider a cubby house...... or on second thought maybe if I mention the words cubby house to luke he might be inclined to leave the cupboard empty, just so he can avoid any further building:)

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