Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grateful Sunday: 19 Months of You.

This is the face Mackenzie makes when you pull out the camera at the moment "cheese!". Yesterday was her 19 month birthday, and it's all continuing to blow by in a whirlwind.

I'm loving the little person that she has become, she is just so fiesty, I call her my "little firecracker" and am reminded why several times a day. She climbs onto everything and if she doesn't want to do something she will stamp her foot and say no. She understands absolutely everything and will follow very complicated instructions.... "Mackenzie can you go to the bedroom and get your shoes please?".... M toddles off and comes back with shoes, she's awesome like that. She tells knock knock jokes:

M: "Knock Knock"
Me: "who's there?"
M: "Lilah"
Me: "Lilah who?"
M: "Lilah and goggies (doggies)" *laughs*

She adores her sister and refuses to go to bed with out giving Delilah a kiss goodnight, often sparking me to say to Luke "And that's why we had them 20 months apart", the love between the two of them just makes our hearts sing. She loves Babycinos and will point at the coffee machine at random moments in the day and ask me "Cino?". She loves to stand at the bench and help me cook, and also enjoys tidying up (yay!).

Miss M is an absolute delight.

I am so very grateful for my 19 months of the Divine Miss M.

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