Sunday, January 9, 2011

A year of Miss M

This pic was taken at Mackenzie's first birthday party, on Sunday the 12th Dec. (Her actual Birthday is the 16th). I am more than over due for an update on little M, our piece of pure sunshine... so where is she at?

The stats:

Height : 76cm
Weight: 10.1 Kg
Head: 46 cm

She first stated Crawling 2 days before she turned 11 months, and she truely just took off. Next came the standing (especially when the christmas tree went up!). She can now be found in many random places through out the house (the first shelf of the books shelf, curled in a ball.... sometimes the wardrobe)at any given moment. And she has a sixth sense if the laundry or bathroom door are open, she heads straight to them. She has begun standing unassisted, for very short amounts of time, and will cruise with the trolley we gave her for her birthday for short distances.

M is a smart little monkey, since she had grommets in on the 22nd (new ears for Christmas!) her communication has just exploded. She points to the things she wants and attempts many words. She can often be heard calling "Uh oh" as she drops something on the ground. And she likes to hoist a bag over her shoulder and wave and say "Bye Bye".

We are constantly smothered in kisses by M, whether it be arms thrown around your neck with a big wet open mouth one planted somewhere on your face, to kisses blown from a distance with extra enthusiasm and a resounding "mmmmmwah!".

Mackenzie is the most pure sunshine, she delights us everyday:) xx

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