Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reflecting on 2010

I've been MIA again, and so very much has happened that I am not even going to attempt an update on the girls tonight.... that will come as I plan on keeping up with this blog alot better in 2011.

Tonight I need to reflect on the year that has been and get some thoughts down that have been swirling for a while now, and it will be a little too deep for some.

2010 was a huge year for me, having just become a mother of two right at the end of 2009 this was too be expected, but the year took me further than I ever expected. Firstly, starting Verri Charmed has just been such a huge deal for me, I feel that it is a true reflection of myself, my only creative out let and creating each new thing has been such a joy for me... something just for me, something only about me, something I have come to care so very much about, something that I am so proud to say I have created all on my own..... that's never happened before.

However the most significant thing about 2010 for me, has been being a mum, a role that brings so much wonder, amazement, delight and above all love. Sharing this journey of parenthood with Luke is more than anything I could ever have hoped for in life, and I am thankful everyday for it. Having said that, it has changed me and unlocked things inside me that I didn't realise were there, both good and bad. I think first and foremost it brings up issues I never realised I had about being a product of divorced parents. I thought I was fine with it.... it turns out I'm not... there is so much I don't understand, so many feelings that I just can't articulate and I honestly wonder if I will ever be able to. I have no memory of my parents ever having been together, so I think some would think it should hurt less because I never knew life to be any different, but honestly it just raises more questions of "why?" for me. This year I have felt more isolated than ever............

What I learn from this is that I am lucky.... I have my husband, and I have my girls, and the three of them delight me more that I thought could ever be possible...

So from 2010 I have learnt:
More about love than I knew existed,
and That I am capable, brave and strong.

What do I want to learn from 2011??

Strength of mind,
Strength of body,
No more fear.

So sorry to have been so melancholy.... from now on I will be trying my best to look forward, as the past is just that and unchangable. The future with my family is what is important, but for now, I needed to put this into words.... to take some of the pressure off my mind.

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  1. Hi Sam,
    Congratulations on becoming a mother and starting your business in 2010. I had a similar year to you - first in parenting and business, and with my parents divorced found that I too had many issues to deal with and in fact, I'm still dealing with them. I've only just read your blog after seeing you were at the Roxby markets today. I was so busy with my stall I didn't get to see you but I hope you had a good day. Hopefully I'll get to meet you at a future market. All the best,