Sunday, June 2, 2013

That Awkward Moment When...

I have an infliction... I suspect it's quite a common looks a bit like this.

Stick a camera in front of my face, and I WILL freeze, and almost definitely do something stupid. Like many, if I have to get up and do some kind of public speaking my heart will race and I will stammer and stutter my way through with flamming red cheeks. It may have a little to do with the violin recitals I was often encouraged to do in front of family and friends at home as a child..... only to find the audience laughing the whole way through... but it's also likely it's just a quirk.

Oddly enough since I have had children I have found that so long as they are with me I can sing, dance and generally be silly in public no problems. I'm in the supermarket, pushing a trolley, Miss M is with me, good song comes on the radio, I'm singing. I'm walking though a shopping mall, Miss D feels like a bit of a dance, no worries chick, I'll join you..... But me solo, camera in front of my face, no way, no how.

It doesn't stop me trying. I tried today. I donned some sparkles and demonstrated some stuff on camera... I also lost my power of speech.....and my brain, I lost that too. Camera on, stunned mullet impression, camera off intelligent woman comes back. Guess it might be time to give up that Hollywood actress dream.

Anyone else have this quirk?

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